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Butterflies in Dorset & Wiltshire

A quick jaunt to Dorset and Wiltshire with the right weather conditions turned into a butterfly extravaganza with 31 species seen - more than half the species that breed in the UK!

 Brimstone, Bentley Wood, Wiltshire

 Common Blue, Cerne Abbas, Dorset

 OK, not a butterfly, but equally nice, a Five-spot Burnet Moth, Portland, Dorset

Large Skipper, Bentley Wood, Wiltshire

 Large White, Cerne Abbas, Dorset

 Lulworth Skipper, Durleston Country Park, Dorset

 Marbled White, Durleston Country Park, Dorset

Purple Emperor, Bentley Wood, Wiltshire - a terrible shot of this elusive canopy giant

 Silver-washed Fritillaries, Bentley Wood, Wiltshire (including the more unusual 'valezina' grey-green form)

 Small Blue, Portland, Dorset

Small Heath, Cerne Abbas, Dorset

Small Skipper, Cerne Abbas, Dorset

Wall, Cerne Abbas, Dorset