Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Join the queue...

Well, when the little alien does finally emerge it's in for a shock at Christmas. Here are just 6 of its 11 cousins:
Starting from the top - Alice, Maddy, Thomas, Lauren, Olivia and Sam.

Midway scan

Everything was great at the half time scan and the wriggling continued. These all look very cute until the last one which is slightly unnerving.

Moving house!

Here's the new pad - on the day we got the keys. Now in, settled and online again...

Sunday, 2 August 2009

Half way

Andy is now 20 weeks and the little blighter is a proper wriggler. She is still feeling a bit rough but consoled by the fact that her bulge is now almost big enough to be visible and thus utilised in the public domain (e.g. queue-barging, seat-gazumping and general red carpet treatment).

Scotland 2

Described as "Britain's Last Great Wilderness" you cannot get to the area by road so we arrived using a combination of ferry and borrowed RIB. You take all supplies, but there's a great pub that serves whatever it can catch or shoot.
A highland speciality - the Gold-ringed Dragonfly. There were lots of other bigger things too including plenty of deer, seals, porpoises and otters.

Scotland 1

A few pics from our trip to the Knoydart Peninsula. It was virtually impossible to get a picture of Andy without her mouth full. The local oatcake producers are now out of the recession.
With us were Emily and George (on his first proper holiday). George managed to behave well until the final morning when, with minutes to go before leaving, he vanished and then turned up half an hour later in the local cake shop.
And of course Gordon: skipper and chief outboard tinkerer.
"What do you mean you're not coming in? It's lovely."